I am in Exmouth Journal – Lovely write up

Thank you to Laura Woodward-Drake for such a lovely article.  Here it is (minus the photos)

As I had mentioned in previous columns, one of the sectors who have been busy working behind the scenes, to support and uplift other businesses during this difficult time, is the accounting/financial advice sector.

Even though we are a small, seaside town, we have a wealth of brilliant professional services and I’m sure many businesses have been grateful to have the support nearby.

I recently met with Helen Buck, who runs an independent bookkeeping business, Accounting On Us, and boy has she been busy!

When lockdown hit, many of her clients were in need of support and advice and so Helen made sure she was available between 7am and 11pm, seven days a week, to lend a helping hand.

As the Government updated the guidelines and support packages, Helen ensured she learnt everything there was to know about each one, so she could advise her clients appropriately.

In addition to this, Helen offered to complete all furlough and bounce back loan applications completely free of charge, to ensure her clients could access funds and support and maintain their business.

The result of this was that she had claimed in excess of £500,000 in grants and loans for local clients. This is amazing. When I asked Helen why she does what she does, her answer was humbling.

“I love being able to help with advice on handling finances in the best way for each individual and working with local clients, seeing their company grow and knowing I helped with that.” Helen commented.

Accounting On Us is a very appropriate name for what Helen and many other bookkeepers/accounting firms do – they provide support for all forms of business, from one-man bands to big enterprises and their support empowers businesses to become sustainable and scale up.

But behind every business is a person and having someone like Helen to rely on is something that has been very important during this year and so I hope companies continue to see the benefit of outsourcing to a local expert, especially as Exmouth is fortunate to have many in the town.

Back in July, Accounting On Us won the Exmouth Chamber Virtual Business Awards for ‘best professional advice service during lockdown’ thanks to all of the testimonials from people about Helen’s support.

This was her second award win for local business awards and it excites me to see that an independent woman in business has created such a fantastic service and company.

It’s clear that Helen is an asset to the town and chamber of commerce, of which we also have many other great professional service members.

So if you need advice/someone to lean on, please don’t face it alone, get in touch via our website or chair@exmouthchamber.co.uk and we can recommend the most appropriate professional service for you.

Or if you just want to chat with other businesses, join our regular virtual networking sessions, of which the next one is on November 26.

By helping each other, like Helen has been doing fantastically this year, we will grow stronger, together.




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