A Book-keeper can save you money

Welcome to Accounting-On-Us and our first blog.  A book-keeper can save you money.

A book-keeper can save you money – how you ask? Many people dream about starting their own business and spending their lives doing something they enjoy for themselves and not lining the pockets of other people.

They have a vision; they know their product and who they want to sell it to. That’s the fun bit, and then there is the paperwork, which most people dread.

They leave dealing with it until the last possible minute letting it pile up as it just seems to get in the way of their day to day business.

So why use a book-keeper? Rather than spending hours dealing with a pile of paperwork you could be out earning money and building your business.

We are based in Exmouth but have clients from further afield, whether you need help on a weekly, monthly quarterly or even annual basis we can help.

You can just hand everything over to us safe in the knowledge that it is being dealt with properly. Knowing that you don’t have to worry about missing your filing deadlines with HMRC and secure in the knowledge that you will reduce your accountants bill because all the time consuming work has been completed correctly.

For a business to be successful you need to know who owes you money, who you owe money to and also have a real idea of your cash flow.

A book-keeper becomes an valuable part of your business and we pride ourselves in being available to answer your questions as they arise rather than you worrying about them.

By using the services of a book-keeper you get to do what you do best – grow and run your business.

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